Charity Day – 5th July 2017 – Ashridge Golf Club

On 5th July 2017    cropped-cropped-cropped-EPIC-web-banner.png celebrates 40 years!!!   Hoorah!!!

Get ready to dig deep – Proceeds go to Charity!!!!

We will be holding a shotgun start golfing extravaganza at Ashridge Golf Club.

ashridge club

We Need your help with sponsorship, prizes and of course your attendance with up to 3 guests with deep pockets.

Michael Foster is chairing the committee

Things you can do

  • Provide Auction Prizes – you know the sort of thing required
  • Sponsor a hole – Advert for your business
  • Provide Silent Auction Prizes
  • Sponsor the Golfing Prizes
  • Provide Tombola Prizes
  • Sponsor event Shirts
  • Sponsor – Win an Car competition
  • Sponsor 40th Anniversary Ties
  • Provide goody bags
  • Suggest construction sponsors with deep pockets – 2 needed. They get a 4 ball team

Contact Michael Foster to get involved or for an idea of the costs involved in the above

Please help the




2 thoughts on “Charity Day – 5th July 2017 – Ashridge Golf Club”

  1. Does the choice of the 40th anniversary tie go to the captain or shall we auction this privilege to the highest bidder, £100 to start???

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