Turnberry – The 2018 Tour

The Tour Party (minus David Featherstone, who left early for the airport but left the airport last due to delays!!!!!)

A great time was had by all who attended the 2018 Tour to the magnificent Trump Turnberry. The accommodation, service and food were all exceptional.

We played the Ailsa course twice and the King Robert the Bruce once and whilst the weather left a little to be desired at times the views and courses were magnificent.

The lighthouse and Ailsa Craig are the highlights of the landscape as can be seen above only slightly spoilt by the addition of some EPIC Golfers

The Captain’s Team (Darrell Lewis) trounced the Vice Captain’s Team (Neil Blundy) by 10.5  to 4.5 points. Winning all three days for a clean sweep!! Well done Capo!!!

The Green Jacket was a closely fought affair this year as always with Jason Wood dominating the last day in wet and blustery conditions to secure top prize – The Claret Jug and the coveted Green Jacket.

Well done to Jason

Thanks to Darrell Lewis for a great job done with the organisation and also to our Eligo Members without whom the tour would not have been possible


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